A bad thing happened in the US Senate

Recently in the US Senate, Republicans proposed a terrible piece of legislation that will hurt people, disproportionately poor and minorities. It was badly-written and poorly-thought-out, and it was rushed through approval without giving sufficient time for debate or amendment. When asked why they were doing this, some of them smiled and lied and said they thought it was good policy. Some were more honest and said that they are beholden to their donors, and this is what their donors want.

There was general public outrage, and an exhausted populace phoned their elected representatives over and over again, pleading with them to do right by their constituents. We cannot keep doing this, they said into the phones. Please do not make us keep doing this. We are exhausted.

But the wheels of the machine churned on, unthinking and uncaring about what, or who, was being ground beneath it on the tracks.

Uneasy Republicans mounted shaky defenses of this in their friends’ Facebook posts and in other public fora. Well, they say, what about that other time when something got passed that I didn’t like? This is the same as that.

It’s not the same as that. We all know. The senators know, the staffers know, the lobbyists know, your Facebook friends know. It’s not the same at all.

But the wheels grind on, and we will be back here again, and again, and again.

I’ve left the specifics out so that I can just reuse this the next time it happens. Maybe next week. Maybe tomorrow.

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